LinkedIn is a social media platform geared to professionals. It enables you to network and to build your professional portfolio, but you can also go out into the world and look for a new job. … It is also used by employers and recruiters who are looking for job candidates.



Have you ever wondered how some people seem to attract endless streams of customers ready to buy their product or service for what seems like an outrageous price? And your business finds itself drawing a different set of prospects – those who want what you have – but only if you’re giving it away, and even then they complain!

I have to ask – where and how are you finding your customers? I’m going to guess that if you are using social media to find them, you may not be using LinkedIn.

If you are like most people, you probably have always viewed LinkedIn as a place to park your resume, create a professional profile, and hope to be asked for a “connection” by the next big headhunter looking for precisely what you offer.

But when it comes to marketing your brand, if you are using anything, you are probably sticking to old favorites like Facebook, and you honestly don’t know how to harness LinkedIn to generate more leads and sales.

Of all of the social media platforms, if you are trying to build a brand online, LinkedIn is the one you need to start using! It is the most likely to be a rich source of customers in your niche!

LinkedIn has over 200 million profiles, and the average income of its users is over $100,000. Now, let’s work on a little math problem for a moment.

A product sold for $27, only bought a mere 1% of users on LinkedIn you have made a connection with, what would that look like for you? How about $54,000,000 in your pocket?

If you weren’t interested in this network a few moments ago, are you reconsidering now?

Here’s the thing – while most users think of it as a place to be discovered (hopefully) by their dream employer (something that is easier to happen than some might think, by the way), this robust professional network is so much more! It is a rich source of prospects for your – clients who are actively trying to make a connection or two with the people most likely to have the products and services that they are searching for and ready to purchase!

But there is a catch. You can’t start to use it like it’s Facebook and think it will work. Some strategies don’t work on some social platforms. Facebook users generally aren’t as professional. Facebook users’ average income isn’t as high either. The average LinkedIn user is an intelligent, higher-income individual in leadership positions within their respective companies. They are the ones who make decisions about buying products and services.

When you make a connection with them on this professional social network and start engaging with them, chances are when they need something in your niche, and they will come to you and ask for it – rather than you having to cold call and get endlessly stonewalled by their admins.

Let’s see – access to intelligent decision-makers with deeper than average pocketbooks, with no cold calling needed. Are you beginning to get an idea of precisely what LinkedIn is used for?

 What is LinkedIn Used For? 3 Tips to Start Connecting in Your Niche Today

  1. If colleagues you have worked with before have profiles, ask them for a recommendation using the “Recommendation” feature. (And if not, send an invitation to join!) Suggestions are one way to boost your credibility with others considering your products or services. But this needs to be individuals or companies you’ve genuinely worked with in some capacity – not just making a recommendation as a favor with no real meaning!
  2. Groups are a great way to connect with like-minded people and influential names. Find some and join today. Groups in your niche are a great way of being seen as the intelligent expert you are in your field. Naturally, this boosts your authority as an expert in your niche.
  3. Include the custom, memorable, and easy-to-type URL of your profile on your business card and email signature.

Now, if learning a little bit more about what LinkedIn could be used for a whole lot more intelligently to build your business if you just learned how to, I am so excited to have something to tell you! We have just put the finishing touches on a revolutionary new product called Linked Intensity, and it is the premier, comprehensive solution for learning how to use LinkedIn to connect strategically with the people most likely to be interested in your product and to build your business like never before!

How is your LinkedIn activity growing your business? Click here if you’d like to learn how to use it to take your business to the next level!



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