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Regardless of the size of your business or corporation, how marketing dollars are allocated is critical. This is specifically essential for small companies that operate on small budgets and have specific needs to be successful. Therefore, each penny spent on marketing must be well spent. When starting a marketing campaign, your company must experience multiple benefits since most companies do not have the finances to run different campaigns across various mediums. This is where email marketing comes into play.

Email marketing is an incredibly efficient method to ensure your business directly reaches your customers; therefore, allowing you to simultaneously build your customer base and reputation. Here are nine reasons that highlight the importance of email marketing for your business.

Just about everyone is trained to take some action with email – forward, reply, clickthrough, purchase, or sign-up. Email is hugely transactional in the process of directing traffic to your website, thus driving sales. As your business develops, using email as a method of communication will give you immediate results. In addition to sending newsletters, you can customize your emails based on the triggers from your customers.

The only way you can know if your marketing tactics are working is through analytics, which measures the results. Email marketing metrics are simple to measure and track over the lifespan of your campaign. This eliminates the guesswork as to which campaigns are the most successful. You can see which users opened your email, clicked links, or proceeded with a specific action through analytics. You can also view the number of people who unsubscribed after opening an email. This information is critical for you to review your strategy and goals.

Some of the most recognizable brands across the globe are so well-known that their names have become synonymous with their industry. A great example is Kleenex in the bath tissue category. Email marketing is an excellent option for developing your brand due to the direct communication line with potential consumers. You can provide them with regular updates while creating a unique style, voice, and overall company image for your audience. By developing a brand guide, you can standardize the voice of your emails to create consistency and branding.

Email marketing allows you to provide personalization, which is critical to customers. Instead of just being fed mindless ads for the same products, the digital consumer requires marketing to be more tailored toward their wants and needs. Marketing to your consumer through email allows for easy personalization through content and messaging. Using the collected information, your emails can deliver relevant information that will help your business improve upon clickthrough and conversion rates.

One of the most significant hurdles faced by smaller companies is to establish credibility. Why should a customer give you their business when your name is not as well-known as the larger guys in the commercials? The primary reason consumers trust big-name companies come down to marketing. They are familiar with the names, so they give these brands the most trust. Emails can create credibility with your customers through regular contact and giving them the latest news about your company and products. The more they learn about your company, the more trust they will have over time.

While social media tactics are a crucial component of all marketing strategies, email marketing reigns king at converting potential customers into members, subscribers, and supporters. In a study conducted by eMarketer in March 2016, researchers found that 81% of respondents noted that email marketing drives retention and customer acquisition.

Mobile marketing and email marketing are directly related. With the number of customers using mobile phones for online shopping growing daily, it is vital to tap into that demographic. Using email to better interact with mobile customers will allow you to email competitively. With most emails being read on mobile devices, using email to market to your customers is a critical engagement tactic. Each time a potential consumer checks their phone is a new opportunity for a brand to engage with that consumer.

All customers like to know that a company is thinking about their wants and needs. Updates from your company, so that is precisely what you need to provide. Calling them on a constant basis to update every customer is time-consuming, and mailers are wasteful and costly. The next best option for building and maintaining solid relationships with your customers is email marketing. Send them a monthly email about your latest product, breaking news, and next to large events, so they are not inundated with emails.

Most companies of all sizes have a resource issue. This includes personnel, budgets, and implementation timing. Many of the usual advertisement channels – direct mailing and television and radio commercials – can eat away at your bottom line and personnel workload. One of the most significant benefits of email marketing is a more efficient use of time and money. Creating a professional email marketing campaign is not time-consuming or complicated. Also, sending the same email to many subscribers is a cost-effective tool. You are given direct access to potential customers without the cost of direct mail.

When you can connect with a group of potential customers, you can approach sales growth differently throughout the year. For instance, if your company is experiencing a slower-than-usual day.

These points only touch the surface as to the importance of email marketing for your business. Regardless of your level of expertise, you can create an email marketing campaign quickly and efficiently, which equates to less time focused on the details and more time on further growing your business.

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