Three examples of winning eBay description templates

eBay listings that stand out, engage customers and convert sales are essential, but templates are merely your starting point. To improve eBay sales, your listing needs a significant description, and we’ve selected three scenarios of winning description templates that show you exactly how’s accomplished.

 Importance of an eBay description template

Your description is where essential information about a listing they’ve clicked on, but far more potential information is needed than merely detailing a product’s top features.

Your description is the most significant opportunity to:

Boost sales


eBay is a very competitive platform; tremendous effort must be made to make your products the most wanted and desirable. The product description is how you pitch for your product, any complimentary products, and most importantly, your brand – this is the opportunity to accomplish marketing in all three areas.


Heighten your SEO

Words and images used in your description will take it one step further in boosting how your listings stand out by increasing your SEO efforts and enhancing your position in the search results.


Increase customer feedback

Pictures can say a thousand words. It can also create unrealistic expectations that result in a “product not as described” negative rating. Descriptions allow you to provide detailed information about the product to ensure that shoppers receive the item they expect.


Disputes and Claims

In the event of a discontent customer, your description can assist with any disputes or claims by providing any information presented to the customer at the time.


Make your customers experience a happy one.

A winning description helps the customer experience by providing a professional look, providing easy access to policies, and allowing the customer to press the “buy” button seamlessly.

The description template encapsulates all of these positives, helping you to continue to create consistent eBay descriptions hence selling products time and time again.


The components of a winning eBay description template

So what does a winning description template look like? Before we jump into three real-life examples of successful descriptions, let’s consider the essential components first.

There are eight critical ingredients of a successful description.



The best descriptions are branded consistently with your template, eBay store, and, if possible, your eCommerce store. Use a professional logo, having high-quality images, and adopting a brand color scheme and typeface immediately creates a sense of trust and familiarity with customers.



Next, the description must be easily read and followed. Use short and longtail keywords are essential. Your description must be comfortable and engaging to read. Otherwise, shoppers will click back to the search results.

To achieve ultimate readability, use precise language, short paragraphs, lists, and a simple layout that follows an ‘essential > additional > least important’ information structure.

Ideally, you want to gain initial interest by enabling customers to detract all essential information from skim reading and then convert that interest into a sale by providing more detailed information further down.



Along with the sales techniques used in retail is talking about benefits or problems solved, rather than features. A typical example of this is “selling the hole rather than the drill.” Shoppers are looking for items to solve a particular problem, whether that’s a poor complexion, sub-quality photographs, or a screaming toddler.

Your description should describe and show how your product quickly solves the problem it was designed for.




The brain processes images 60,000 times fast than text, making images an essential component of your eBay description. High-quality photos should be used throughout your product description to supplement the image gallery and provide context to your words.

Examples, including images showing the product in use, multiple designs, angles, and even size comparisons or charts; any pictures that help the reader understand better and desire the product.



eBay scans the text of your entire listing to help return products relevant to a user’s search terms – making your description essential for your eBay SEO. Your story should naturally (remember what we said about readability) inserting short and longtail keywords that are relevant to your product.



There are several ways that psychology can raise conversions, and when it comes to your eBay description, encouraging trust is a big one. By using your report to target the subconscious’s need for risk aversion, you can convince consumers that you’re a trusted eBay seller to buy from and, in return, gain a conversion.

You can also achieve this by including customer quotes, product guarantees, and even references relevant to the industry or medical research.



While your policies may not be the most exciting thing to read, they’re vital information for many sellers. They include information on your shipping, return, and privacy policies; this goes towards the end of your description. Even better, use a tab-system to reduce the amount of space taken up and improve your listing’s overall design and readability.



Who said that your description must reference just one of your products? If you’ve captured a shopper’s attention until the end of the listing, then why not use this as an opportunity to cross and upsell different items.

Not only is this a simple way to increase average basket size, but you can also help the customer complete their shopping journey in one-stop efficiently.


Three examples of winning eBay description templates

Understanding how these components work takes practice, let’s examine three examples of successful description templates.

Joules digital radio

This digital radio eBay description does the perfect job of making customers feel like they’re on the seller’s website. This listing is both engaging and enticing, from the logo and search bar at the top to the crisp and simple layout of the description.

The description quickly identifies the product’s benefits before getting into a quickly scannable list of features and details. Trust is encouraged through the use of the words in the “official eBay store,” and the professional images are displayed.

The store’s policies are stored in expandable tabs at the bottom, enhancing the straightforward design while providing essential information for those who want it. Finally, the images show the product from multiple angles and in different uses to demonstrate innovation and size.

Acer Chromebook

This item description for an Acer Chromebook is another excellent example of a winning description template. The listing is to be highly professional and official through the use of strong branding, including images.

The description immediately sells the benefits of the product, using the words “powerful Rockstar,” “stylish,” “incredibly fast,” and “amazing battery life.” The description then lists the product’s highlights, followed by tabbed information on the spec and images.

Keywords are used throughout the description, alongside trust indicators, including a free shipping badge, 90-day warranty, and Acer recertified badge. The narrative ends with a clear and brief display of the seller’s policies.

Don’t forget

Your description is the only one factor of many for increasing sales and enhancing customer lifetime value. Other elements essential for its success is to include competitive products, Fast ‘N Free shipping, and outstanding customer service.



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