One key aspect of any dangerous digital marketing strategy now in business is social media management. This involves targeting the right social media platforms that the people you want to reach users, like Facebook or Twitter, and marketing consistently your business to them.

Social media was about people telling others what they had just eaten or why they didn’t like clowns. As time has gone by, it has grown, savvy business marketers, realizing that it gave them direct access to their target audience. Not only could it tell you what they liked or didn’t like and their demographics, but it also put your business right in front of more people than ever. This explains just why social media marketing has taken off to the extent it has and continues to do so as it continues to grow the more and more every day, giving us that much more information we will gain.

Can you afford not to connect with the global millions who use it each day?

How has social media impacted marketing specifically?

Although we know that social media changed the marketing landscape for good and will be around for a long time, there are some specific ways; it has shaken things up.

Social Media Marketing made marketing into a conversation – one aspect of social media within marketing is how it has changed the way it works. Before, it was pretty much showing your customers what you had to offer and telling them why they needed it. Social media goes much deeper than that, though, and has pulled marketing along with it. Now any marketing campaign is as much about connecting with customers to find out what they think and what they expect from you or your product or service. Allowing you to act accordingly in response, which is a significant factor, which is to respond, if you don’t respond, don’t even bother to market in social media. Your audience is expecting to hear back from you to an answer to a question they may have asked or a comment they made and are waiting to see what your thoughts are.

·      Made your company individual – a very positive change for any marketing efforts, or brand building that social media has ushered in is this one. Consumers increasingly do business with companies they feel engaged with or have similar values to them. Social media allows you to do just that as part of a marketing strategy to help win consumer’s trust. Trust in social media marketing is key to your success. its the deciding factor whether your marketing campaign is going to work and bring in more sales and increase the traffic to your social media platforms.

·      Given marketing a global reach – pre-social media, your marketing may have stretched to a national campaign but probably not global (unless you are Ford or Shell!). With the advent of social media, all businesses could reach across the planet with their marketing to source new sales. Even better, this was all done with no social media costs involved at all!

·      Made employees a valuable marketing asset – one of the significant changes social media has brought into marketing is this one. Previously, marketing was seen as a distinct activity for a business’s marketing team. This has changed with social media; all employees with a profile are right at the front line of marketing their organization when interacting with customers.

·      Made marketing more accessible and more open to all businesses – with traditional marketing, many small businesses could not afford the cost of running campaigns or hiring a marketing guru. Social media has changed this forever, though, as it opens up effective marketing to all businesses for free. Professionals who want to use social media for marketing themselves as it is for the general industry. Dr. Erol Onel has a great Twitter feed, which shows just how a respected professional can use social media to network with a broader group to showcase more of their personality to people.

Marketing has changed for good

There is no doubt that the digital revolution has changed marketing for ethical and social media is a massive factor in this. As it is easy to use, free and gives direct access to millions of the people you need to speak with, it is one of the most effective modern ways to market yourself or your business. With millions of users logging onto social media each day, it is not likely to slow down anytime soon.

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