Nick Leguillow Founder and CEO

Nick has worked on Marketing, Social Media, and Web Design and Development for the last 20 years. Working as a child in the family business, which consisted of three locations, he was introduced to the industry since he was a kid dealing with customers watching how his parents marketed the business, inventory, budget planning, store floorplans. That meant going to the business after school every day, weekends, all holiday breaks and the entire summer break. As a child he hated it but looking back now, it made him the business person he is today. He went on to college, majored in Business Administration and minored in Marketing. After college, he worked as the Director of Operations for multi-million dollar companies such as Paragon Sporting Goods, Duane Reade, and the Food Bank for New York City. He overlooked all of all the Daily Operations, Warehousing, Logistics, Budget Planning, Board Meetings, Advertisement, Marketing, Social Media, and Newspaper Specials. He then moved on to open his own company, a Mobile Car Detailing Company in Hamptons on Long Island. He started with one fully equipped state of the art trailer, which he built himself, created a website, social media, blogs, and newsletters — keeping up with the maintenance of all the website updates, marketing, advertising, taking photos and videos for the website and marketing purposes, while attending to the customer’s needs and dealing with the day to day of the business. He ran the company for eight years and increased from one trailer to five trailers. By the third month of maintaining the website, social media sites, blogs and newsletters he ranked in Google, Yahoo and Bing in the number four spot, by the sixth month he ranked in the number one spot on all major search engines in the Hamptons and all of Long Island. He was on every social media platform with over 5,000 followers, continually writing and properly scheduling and updating his Website, Social Media Posts, Blogs, and Newsletters. To this day, he has continued to maintain the marketing of the company, which he then sold because of personal reasons, and the site still holds the number one or two spots on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. He was also ranked high in YELP. Nick’s passion has always been for business, web design, marketing, and advertisement. Nick has experience in so many different fields he was able to adjust to just about any industry. Since then, he decided to use his skills and did consultation work for several companies and analyzed, changed, and or expanded on their marketing plan. After seeing their success and the number of requests for his consultation about how he would change their marketing strategy for multiple types of industries, he decided to open up SNRJ Web Marketing Solutions LLC.

SNRJ Web Marketing Solutions Office